The Daily Momtographer Course

“My kids won’t sit still for a photo.”

“My photos always turn out dark or blurry.”

“My child is changing daily, I want to capture it ALL!”



It’s true what they say, the days are long, but the years are short. Your child is changing every day, but let’s be real, it’s not realistic to have a professional photographer on standby for the little changes you witness daily!

As a mom, you are the one that’s in charge of photographing your child’s milestones, such as baby’s first bath, the first time they try solid foods, and the day they learn to tie their shoes.

These simple, everyday moments are precious and worth capturing.

The Daily Momtographer Course will empower you to feel confident taking photos (whether you use your phone or own a DSLR camera), master the light in any environment you’re given, and will challenge you to think of photographing your children from a completely different perspective than you might have ever thought to before.


confidently TAKE high-quality
family portraits on your own.


So What Does This Course Really Cover?

Lesson One: Taking Better Photos

You will learn tons of new tips and tricks for taking better photos with your cell phone. If you’re a DSLR owner, there’s a video that specifically teaches you how to shoot in manual mode. Plus, I’ll give you all my tips for buying a new camera lens that will really bring your photos to the next level.

Lesson Two: Mastering Lighting

This might arguably be the most important lesson of all. All great photos have one thing in common – great light. I’m teaching you how to master light in any situation you’re given.

Lesson Three: Backdrops, Surroundings and Safety

This is when we shift the focus to you and your everyday life. By the end of this lesson you’ll have a new “go-to” spot in your home picked out for photos of your kids.

Lesson Four: UNposing

Getting your kids to sit and pose for a photo is hard, right? In this lesson we break down how to have a more realistic approach to everyday photography with tangible tips and fun prompts.

Lesson Five: Composition

This lesson will change the way you look at photographing your kids and will challenge you to think from an entirely new perspective that you might have never considered before.

Lesson Six: Editing

I’m giving away all of my secrets here! This lesson will teach you how to elevate the photos taken with your phone. If you’re a DSLR user, I’m bringing you behind the curtain and giving you a FULL editing tutorial on how I process and edit my photographs using the program Lightroom.

*For best results, I encourage participants to download the Adobe editing software, Lightroom*

Lesson Seven: Master a Self-Timer Family Portrait

This is where everything comes together! I’ll give you guidance on what makes an awesome family portrait, including tips on wardrobe, posing, location and how to use that self-timer on your phone or camera so you can take a high-quality family portrait on your own!


You’ll get access to Seven
video lessons, Helpful Bonus PDFs, and
a Private Community Facebook group.



Who is The Daily Momtographer Course For?

The Everyday Mom – Your phone is your primary camera and is filled with photos of your kids. You want to capture it all, but most of your photos are blurry, the lighting is poor, and you have far more outtakes than frame-worthy moments.  

The New DSLR Owner – You received a DSLR camera when your kids were born, but you have no idea how to use it. Auto mode isn’t giving you quality images and you’re overwhelmed at the thought of shooting in manual mode.

The Creative Mom –You have a basic grasp on shooting with your phone and DSLR camera, but your images don’t quite look how you want them to. You have the knowledge to take high-quality photos on your own but want to learn to bring your images to life through editing, posing and composition.


This course is self-paced.

It’s meant to fit your busy life!


Meet the Instructor

I’m Trish! I’ve been photographing all things motherhood since the inception of my business. But before I was a photographer full-time, I worked on a corporate level for a well-known baby brand. While I was in this role, I did the creative directing for their video and photo shoots and became well versed in what makes a successful shoot with newborns.

Even with this background, my love for capturing newborns and families really grew when those closest to me in life started becoming moms. With every “auntie” visit came SO many changes and I truly started to understand the value of capturing every stage of a child’s life.

My mama clients often ask me how to take better photos of their kids in between the professional photo shoots. I love giving my favorite tips and tricks, so I thought I’d share my knowledge to the masses with this course!

I believe that the first few years of your child’s life fly by in sleepless haze and that adding intention behind capturing all of your child’s firsts and little milestones will allow you to look back on this time in life and have a joy-filled, tangible memory bank.


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