Motivated to capture real, raw and candid moments, my goal is to

help you create timeless family heirlooms.

Trish Allison Photography | Minneapolis Wedding, Motherhood & Lifestyle Photographer
Minneapolis Wedding Photographer | Minneapolis Newborn Photographer | Minnesota Photographer

I'm Trish Allison Burtzel, Minneapolis-based lifestyle photographer and creative director, otherwise known as just Trish. I couldn’t be more thrilled you stumbled upon my little corner of the internet. Maybe it was by chance. Or maybe your best friend tipped you off. Either way, I’m happy you found me!

I’m what they call an introverted extrovert. I like to go, go, go just as much as I like to cuddle up on the couch under a mountain of blankets with my handsome husband, Aaron, and our rescue pup, Baylor. Admittedly fueled by sugar and way too many crackers with hummus (why isn’t this a food group yet!?), I fill my time outside of photography with traveling, dabbling in interior design and partaking in as many happy-hour-turned-dinners as one can manage.

Although my mom is 15+ years strong in her fight against breast cancer, growing up with a sick parent has forever shaped me and the way I view photography. Never knowing what family photo may be the last has inspired me in the best way possible to take the most timeless of photos for my clients. Real, raw and candid is what I strive for.

I’m especially drawn to capturing the first milestones of adulthood: engagement, marriage and motherhood. These photos are your first family heirlooms that your kids will find decades from now and admire how freaking good looking their parents were. How cool is that?

Life isn’t perfect and you shouldn’t be either. It’s my job to capture your unique - and totally adorable - imperfections and transpose them into beautiful photos that are reflective of you in this moment in time. No smoke and mirrors or fancy Photoshop tricks. I want your photos to be as striking hanging on the wall 20 years from now as they are today, which is why I edit in a way that emulates the warm glow and softness of film photography.

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just for fun!

The best part about the internet is the ability to get to know someone before ever meeting them, am I right?  Here are few things I’m known for:

Developing girlfriend-style rapport  with my clients!

Developing girlfriend-style rapportwith my clients!

Expressing myself   through pretty yet   simplistic  accessories.

Expressing myself through pretty yet simplisticaccessories.

Overusing "!"  I'm just easily excited!

Overusing "!"I'm just easily excited!

Always wearing   lipstick and/or  having it on hand   to re-apply

Always wearing lipstick and/orhaving it on hand to re-apply

Thinking through all the details.  Then doing it again, just to make sure.

Thinking through all the details.Then doing it again, just to make sure.

Shamelessly ordering an Arnold Palmer  when everyone else orders a beer.

Shamelessly ordering an Arnold Palmerwhen everyone else orders a beer.

Prioritizing brunch or  happy hour with my friends,   even if life is crazy...  this is a MUST!

Prioritizing brunch orhappy hour with my friends, even if life is crazy...this is a MUST!

Never missing a season   of The Bachelor.

Never missing a season of The Bachelor.

 Loving my family,   friends and dog with   all my being.

 Loving my family, friends and dog with all my being.